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8,550 Graduate from University of Nairobi

Date and time: 
Fri, 2016-12-02 19:26
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Graduation Square

As 8,550 fresh graduates are released to the job market to enhance the country’s development, the University looked back in 2016 and revealed great milestones achieved in the leading University in the region and top 3% in Africa.

56 PhDs, 2477 Masters, 5177 Bachelors, 49 Postgraduate diplomas, 2 Fellowship awards & 1 Honorary doctorate  were conferred degrees and awarded diplomas at the 56th Graduation ceremony.

The graduation ceremony held on December 2, 2016 was presided over by the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Fred Matiang’i.

Among the University’s 2016 accomplishments revealed, include: completion of University of Nairobi Towers, which has changed Nairobi skyline, participation in Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) and chairing of UN University sustainable development program in Africa , increase in high impact research resulting to a research fund worth Ksh. 4.5 billion, admission to World research network – Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) and UoN alumni increased to over 195,000.  

The 56th graduation also marked a farewell to Dr. Idle Farah whose term as University of Nairobi Council Chair ends in February 2017, having been appointed in February 2013.

During the graduation, the University was challenged to enhance Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEMS) courses which would fast-track achievement of developmental goals.

In her salient and placid manner, the Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi challenged the students,” we have given you not only power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate on. Keep curious and keep learning”.

Dr. Rattansi applauded the student for their enthusiasm, positive attitude and an undying spirit which has led to their success unto graduation.

The Chancellor also commended the University of Nairobi Council Chair, Dr. Idle Farah, whose term of office ends in February 2017. Dr. Farah served as a Chair for three years and a member of the council for twelve years.

“I challenge you to pen your memoirs of this phase of your life and enrich the body of university governance. We wish you only the very best as you transit from the university to your next station”, appealed Dr. Vijoo to the outgoing Chair, Dr. Farah.

Dr. Fred Matiang’i on his part challenged the University to establish good governance especially in safeguarding integrity of higher education. This, he said would be effective if record keeping of student marks and submission of the same would be reinforced and timely. Dr. Matiang’i also said that student population taking Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) should be enhanced since it is only a third of the student population who are enrolled in STEM courses.

The Chair University of Nairobi Council, Dr. Idle Farah, expressed his gratitude for having been given an opportunity to serve the country as well as the alma matter over the last twelve years.  As he spoke during the last graduation ceremony as Chair of University Council, Dr. Farah, advised the students “keep time and more importantly keep your word. If you steadfastly live by these two tenets, success is yours for the taking”.

Dr. Farah also revealed that the University Towers is complete and is ready for official opening and occupancy, noting that it would enhance service delivery at the University. In addition, outgoing Council Chair also highlighted that Ksh. 800 million and Ksh. 100 million received from the Government would be channeled to productive use. The money has been channeled towards the construction of Wangari Maathai Institute and Nairobi Innovation Week, respectively.

Vice-chancellor of the University of Nairobi (UoN), Prof. Peter Mbithi highlighted the University’s milestones for 2016, including participation at the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) and high impact research. The current research funds stands at Ksh. 4.5 Billion, while participation at TICAD VI, saw UoN elected to chair the United Nations Universities’ Education for Sustainable Development Program in Africa (ESDA) consortium. Further to this, University visibility has greatly increased. This is evidenced by admission of the University to the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), a leading global higher education and research network of top universities. Addition to the remarkable recognition received, the University ranking in Africa has improved from position 9 in 2014, to position 6 in 2016.

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Sat, 2017-12-02 19:26

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