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CCPE Initiate Alcohol and Drug Abuse Sensitization

Date and time: 
Mon, 2017-06-12 09:05

Chiromo Campus Peer Educators (CCPE) initiated alcohol and drug abuse sensitization 

After long term association with other students within the college in attempt to establish some of the major challenges that are encountered by the students within and outside the campus, Chiromo Campus Peer Educators (CCPE) initiated alcohol and drug abuse sensitization to students and staff of the College of Biological and Physical Sciences on May 12, 2017. During the sensitization, the members found out that Alcohol and other illicit drugs among other drugs like bhang are the most commonly abused substances and these, in turn, imposed a lot of hindrances in victims daily undertakings i.e. loss of concentration in classes. The CCPE found it necessary to conduct sensitization in an attempt to provide solutions to these vices.


The alcohol and drug abuse sensitization the event was attended by 110 members among which were some invited members from other clubs like CEAC and UNADSAC.


During the event, the CCPE appreciated the efforts of the College particularly the office of the Principal and the assistant dean of students’ Madam Lucy Gikundi and our Patron madam Lucy Kamau for the financial support that enabled CCPE to conduct the event successfully. 


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Mon, 2019-06-10 09:05

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