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Chiromo carling is a tournament exclusively for the students of Chiromo Campus meant to foster peace and good relations among the beneficiaries. The participants come from the various levels of study and compete in the game of soccer. Chiromo carling is an event held every academic year with an aim of motivating the students to take part in co-curriculum activities. Every student is given a chance to participate in the activity that she/he excels best. Over the years this event was only meant for football and mostly men but this year we introduced volleyball so that the ladies could also take part.

The tournament took place on 12th December as scheduled.


The participants responded positively and availed themselves on time and in large numbers accompanied by their supporters. Thanks to the captains of the various levels for mobilizing their collegues.Each participating team presented 15 players as agreed and the match officials verified and ensured legal participation. The overall supervision was conducted by the committee officials.




The event started at 9am with all the participants present. The ladies gathered at the volleyball pitch where we agreed to have a round robin where every team was to meet the rest and the two teams with the highest scores were to meet to determine the winner. The losers also had to play in order to determine position 3 and 4.

Every team was determined to win but the third year team shunned the others from fulfilling their dreams. The difference in their score ratio with the other teams was satisfying to award the team members the gold medals. The 1st years was ranked second position with the 3rd position being taken by the 3rd years, the 4th years were the last in the category.

The event ended successfully at 3pm where the winners were to join the football winners in a goat eating which was held at chiromo sports club.



We were faced by no major setbacks apart from over participation in which some teams involved more than the agreed number of 15 players making us incur extra costs.


The winning team was the third year team and they received a goat alongside medals as agreed and the runners up were the second years’ who went home with medals.


I would love to recommend and congratulate the participants for ensuring discipline and order throughout the tournament making it successful as it was.                                                                  

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Co-curricular Activities
Buluma Murray Geoffrey

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