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College Staff Trained on Staff Movement and Clearance System

Date and time: 
Mon, 2016-10-31 09:18

Mr. Paul Kariuki, Deputy-Director Management Information System, ICT, explains importance of staff movement and staff clearance systems during a training on the systems at the College

Staff movement enables management and administration track records of staff during internal transfers; when a staff is away on study leave, sabbatical leave or maternity leave, as well as members of staff who are away from their duty of station when they travel. On the other hand, staff clearance previously done manually, will automate the process of clearing staff when there is an internal transfer, resignation, termination or demise.


"The two systems, staff movement and clearance system use will commence immediately after training as they constitute part  of the University of Nairobi Performance Contract for 2016/2017", noted the Deputy-Director Management Information System (DDMIS), Mr. Paul Kariuki.


While officially opening the training on October 31,2016, Principal of the College of Biological and Physical Sciences, Prof. Bernard Aduda, said that the two systems are critical in the operations of the University, and that is why there was need for training the College Management Board. Prof. Aduda also highlighted that the system will prevent occurrences of surcharges brought about by lack of correctly inputting the right staff movement reason for members of staff.

Principal College of Biological and Physical Sciences, Prof. Bernard Aduda, officially opening the training on Staff movement and Clearance system

The staff movement and the clearance system are linked to the personnel system-Human Resource Managment Information System and Payroll system. It automates the payroll action required from the type of staff movement advise generated. As soon as staff movement is filled, there is an automated alert sent to recipients; Registrar and Personnel.


Ms. Jenina Lumumba, Project leader of the two systems, ICT, noted that "termination, resignation, retirement and death are main reasons for separation from the University, where administrators fill in a staff movement advise. Once this is filled, then it can be used by Finance department for payment procedures."


Mr. Paul Kariuki, DDMIS, ICT, pointed out that the system would help especially during clearance process undertaken by family members of a deceased member of staff, who do not know the various clearance offices in the University. Mr. Kariuki also said that the clearance system will ease the process and make it more efficient for members of staff who exit. The University will also benefit from payment of liability incurred by members of staff before they exit. This was also explained by the Principal, Prof. Aduda, who explained that the last payment prior to a contract expiry is not paid as a guarantee for any liability that may have been incurred by a member of staff.


Mr. Kariuki also informed the trainees that the web-based system is easy to use and can be self-taught.


"Staff movement is not applicable for new members of staff because they are not already in the database. Therefore the new members of staff will use the manual method, but the document will be written new staff," said Ms. Lumumba.


During the training, Ms. Angela Mbula from ICT informed trainees of the clearance stations which are: Library, Estate, Bookshop, Security, Senior Common Room, Chuna Sacco Society and lastly, administration, where a clearance certificate is generated. Ms. Mbula emphasized that before clearing a staff, liability status should be confirmed.


Training of Staff movement and Clearance system follows a rigorous implementation of automated University operations, which has seen the development and implementation of atleast four systems in the last year. This includes launch of postgraduate tracking system, research grant system, self-sponsored online application and graduate system, which facilitates online request of transcripts and certification of academic documents.

Members of staff during the staff movement and clearance system training held at the Masters Computer Lab, School of Computing and Informatics on 31st October 2016

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