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University of Nairobi maintains regional top position 8th in Africa, 775 in the World

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Thu, 2017-02-02 17:08

University of Nairobi Towers and Fountain of Knowledge at the University of Nairobi, main campus

The University of Nairobi has been ranked position 8 in Africa and 775th  among 19,000 universities in the World, in the just released Webometrics ranking January 2017 edition.  The ranking coverage comprises 19,403 universities in the world and 398 African universities.

The University has also made a remarkable improvement by being ranked position 11  in the whole world in the Presence parameter up from 59th position in the previous ranking in July 2016.

Presence is among the four parameters used in Webometrics ranking indicators. It represents the number of website pages that have been generated by an institution, including rich files like pdfs.

Harvard University took the top position as the best ranked University in the world, followed by Stanford University and Massachusetts University of Science and Technology. 

In Africa, University of Cape town scooped first position. Stellenbosch University and University of the Witwatersrand took second and third positions respectively.

The aim of the Webometrics ranking is to promote academic web presence with the purpose of achieving Open Access initiatives. Open Access initiative’s objective is to increase the transfer of scientific and cultural knowledge generated by the universities to the society at large. This is achieved through electronic access to scientific publications and other academic materials.

Webometrics combines four indicators in its ranking. These are: Presence (10%), Excellence 30%), Visibility (50%) and Transparency (10%).

Excellence is the number of papers amongst the top 10% most cited in 26 disciplines for the last five years (2010-2014). Transparency is the number of citations from top authors while Visibility is the total number of unique external links (backlinks) originating from external networks.

According to the Webometrics website, continuous research is carried out to enhance the ranking. This was seen late last earlier when the Openness ranking was changed from total number of rich files (including .doc, pdf, xls) to the total number of researchers Google scholar citations. This parameter was also renamed to transparency.

The University of Nairobi emerged best in the country in Google Scholar citations and position 921 in the world, with a total number of 43,471 citations. The leading University in the world on Google scholar citations is Harvard University with 1,495,497 citations.

Webometrics ranking of Google Scholar citations is based on top 10 most cited scholars, with exclusion of the most citedscholar. More than 5,000 university researcher profiles were used in the top leading Google scholar citations ranking of 4,448 universities.

In 2016, Google scholar ranking for University of Nairobi publications stood at 966 in the world, while the digital repository was ranked 5th position in Africa.

Webometrics ranking occurs twice a year: January and July. The next Webometrics ranking is expected at the end of July 2017.

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