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Bicycle Share Launch at UoN, an Innovative Solution

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Fri, 2017-02-17 19:01

Nation Media, Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Tom Mshindi (left) and Dr. Tonny Omwansa, Bike Share Innovation Champion and Director Computing for Development Lab (C4DLab) at University of Nairobi, during the Bike Share Launch held on February 16, 2017

Cycling will now be a culture at the University of Nairobi following an official launch of the initiative dubbed Bike share. Bike share aims to enforce a healthy community through cycling, while seeking to provide a solution towards urban mobility challenges witnessed in congestion and heavy traffic caused by a great dependence on motorized transportation. 

The project which was launched on February 16, 2017 was graced by Nation Media’s Editor-in-Chief, Tom Mshindi and Bike share funding partner, UN-Habitat, represented by, Ms. Stefanie Holzwarth.

Dr. Tony Omwansa, Director of Computing for Development Lab (C4DLab) and a champion of the Bike Share initiative recognized that one of the local challenges experienced in the city is mobility, which leads to congestion because of over-reliance in motorized transportation.

“In the bike share project, you borrow a bike, take it and return it; you don’t need to own it,” he added.

Bike sharing which will be in a controlled campus environment, at the University of Nairobi compound, will encourage people to take up cycling more. It is a pilot project that potentially would be a reality to the public and other universities at a later stage.

Bike share will help to curb severe transport challenges currently experienced, while looking into offering sustainable and environmental friendly transport system that benefit majority of the citizens.

“There is urgent need to change priorities when it comes to transportation planning in a city where only 18% of the citizens use motorized transport while everyone else relies on public transport, walking or cycling,” emphasized UN-Habitat’s Urban Mobility specialist, Ms. Holzwarth.

There are already 20 bicycles available, presently being charged at Ksh. 40 per hour. Having the bicycles in the University compound is the exact spot where students who are the citizens of tomorrow will be exposed to issues of sustainable transport.

“Bike share is a solution to a real challenge that we all encounter in congestions, delays and environmental hazards, which are costly to both individuals and employers,” said Mr. Mshindi.

The Daily Nation’s Editor-in-Chief acknowledged that the University of Nairobi is not only launching an initiative that is nobel and new, but one that is scalable;  easy, healthy and safe.

“The University of Nairobi has thus partnered with stakeholders to solve problems using innovative solutions,” noted Dr. Omwansa.

Every year, the University brings people during the Nairobi Innovation Week. The third annual innovation week themed ‘Innovating to solve basic and local global challenges’ will be held at the University of Nairobi from 6th- 10th March 2017.

“Our task is to solve problems using innovative solutions. We have the Nairobi Innovation week which is a forum that brings people together from private sector, Government, academia and development agencies to reflect on the challenges that we have and how to solve them,” said Dr. Omwansa

Connect to learn about bike share #BikeShare @uonbikeshare

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