Date:Thursday, 25/May/2017
Venue:Millenium Hall 1 (MH1)
Time:10am to 12pm

The talk by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) will cover opportunities available to graduates with ACCA certification and will also provide information on how to register for ACCA.

Millenium Hall 1 (MH1)
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yeepa is the social networking solution for motivating knowledge games. The combination of knowledge, strategy and luck creates exciting learning events. Experience together with friends and colleagues knowledge competitions in real time. Build your expertise while gaming: whether you are at your workplace or on the road using your smartphone. Game with yeepa according to your own schedule - alone or by joining others.

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Vorane is a software development and technology startup that provides solutions through a mobile-first and cloud based platform.
The Team Is Comprised of  4  Highly Skilled Developers
Evans Munene, Lead Programmer
Paul Ekirapa 
Brian Savatia
 Adil Moughal

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Third AETFAT Conference held in Nairobi (15-19th May 2017) explored Kenya’s Rift Valley to observe the different plant species in the country. Conference attendees visited Hell’s Gate National park, Olorgosailie Prehistoric site and Brakenhurst Botanical Museum.


AETFAT congress kicked off on 15th May with a record attendance of over 300 delegates. Botanists from around the world working on African plants got a chance to interact and share ideas on how to advance their research work.  The congress this year is hosted jointly by the National Museums of Kenya and the University of Nairobi, at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Held every three years, the congress has notably grown to involve younger scientists in the botanist circles and also advancing technology for more in depth research on plant tissues. The theme of this year’s AETFAT congress is ‘Systematics, Biogeography and Conservation of African plants and fungi’. Various Botanists get to showcase their work in the plants field and get input from other scientists on how to advance their research either by recommendations, funding opportunities or collaborating on research.

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