Dr. Ogada Penninah Amolo Publications
12013Hate Speech And Overt Polarization Of Citizens Towards Elections In 2013
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22011Characterization Of Plutella Xylostella Granulovirus (PLXYGV) Isolates For The Management Of Diamondback Moth In Kenya
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32009Integrating APRM Into University Education: Workshop For African Academics
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42009Relationship Between Executive And Legislature In Kenya: Some Thoughts On The Recent Ruling By The House Speaker
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52008Gender And Governance: Kenya
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62006Facilitation And Hindrance Of Identity: Gender, Religion, Ethnicity And Politics In Kenya.
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72003The Struggle For Survival Amongst Rural Women In Kenya: Deference To Culture Vs Socio-Economic Needs Ph.D Dissertation, Northeastern University, Hope Lewis, Chairman.
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82003The Struggle For Survival Amongst Rural Women In Kenya: Deference To Culture Vs Socio-economic Needs
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92002Gender And Diversity Institute's Models For Change Collaboration With Institutions In Kenya And Costa Rica, Conference Paper AAUW International Symposium, Washington D.C.
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102002Rural African Women And Technology Literacy: Case Study In Uganda And Kenya. Paper Presented At Panel Discussion, AWID Conference In Guadalajara, Mexico.
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112002Gender Violence Knows No Cultural, Class Or Educational Boundaries, Presented At Gender And Diversity Brown Bag Series.
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122002Gender & Diversity Institute
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131999Land And Property Ownership For Women In Kenya, Presented At UN Women's Day Panel. Discussion, UN New York, March 4th.
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141975A Case For Inheritance. In More Modern African Stories. Charles R. Larson (editor). Fontana Books, Great Britain.
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