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2007/2008 Academic Year

School Physical Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Generation Of Carboxamide Protecting Group From Acetopehnone To Be Applied In Fmoc Protocol Of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (spps). Muli, D.k. 2007/2008 View Details
Isolation And Characterization Of Compounds Of The Stem Bark Of Erythrococca Bongensis. Mwai, M.e. 2007/2008 View Details
Analysis Of The Roots And Stem Of Bulbine Frutescens For Antiplamodial Compounds. Tonkei, W.k. 2007/2008 View Details
Production Of Biodiesel From New And Waste Vegetable Oil From Artik Restaurant Muriuki, C.g. 2007/2008 View Details
Biodiesel From Adansonia Digitifolia (baobab). Kimega, E. 2007/2008 View Details
Determination Of Transfats In Biddy, Kasuku, Kimbo And Blue Band. Ahuli, S.a. 2007/2008 View Details
The Chemistry Of Peptides And Solid Phase Synthesis Of Glucagon Analogues Using Fmoc Protocol. Gachucha, P.n. 2007/2008 View Details
A Study Of Calodendrum Capense As An Alternative Source Of Energy. Victor, O.j. 2007/2008 View Details
Study Of Chemical Interference During Aas Analysis Of Ca2+ And Mg2+ In Drinking Water. Dembah, N.f 2007/2008 View Details
Antiplasmodial Flavonoids From Tephrosia Aequilata. Mwania, F. K. 2007/2008 View Details
Phytochemical Investigation Of The Internal Tissue Compounds Of Polygonum Senegalense. Njogu, R. 2007/2008 View Details
Analysis And Determination Of Heavy Metal Pollutants Along The Nairobi River And Their Environmental And Health Impacts Ng’ang’a, J. 2007/2008 View Details
Extraction And Characterization Of Vernonia Oil From Vernonia Galamensis Seeds. Judith, A.o. 2007/2008 View Details
Study Of The Effect Of Age On Surfactant Properties Of Gum Resin From Schimperi Commiphora Spp, And Also To Characterize Sodium Derivatives Of The Ethanol Extract. Chesori, C.r. 2007/2008 View Details
Water Analysis On Borehole From Syokimau Area Kyanui, D.k 2007/2008 View Details
Quantification Of Paracetamol Content In Pharmaceutical Drugs Using Uv-vis Spectrophotometer Maero, N.k. 2007/2008 View Details
Extraction Of Biodiesel From Coffee Husks From Central Kenya Mureithi, J.m. 2007/2008 View Details
Determination Of The Concentration Of Toxic Heavy Metals, Lead, Copper, Cadmium, Zinc And Iron In Five Cigarette Samples Sold In The Kenyan Market. Ogutu, M.a. 2007/2008 View Details
Direct Spectrophotometric Determination Of Quercetin In Quercetin Supplements. Midigo, J.a. 2007/2008 View Details
Manufacture Of Soap From Purified Waste Restaurant Oils And Fats. Marube, E.o 2007/2008 View Details
Evaluation Of Activated Carbon From Agricultural Wastes. Gatobu, J.g. 2007/2008 View Details
Water River Quality Of River Kalundu. Kimani, N.f. 2007/2008 View Details
Remediation Of Pesticide Contaminated Soil From Kitengela. Mghanga, E.f. 2007/2008 View Details
Acetylated Compounds From Erythrina Burttii. Karani, L.c. 2007/2008 View Details
Assessment Of Quality Drinking Water At Its Point-of-use In Some Selected Areas In Nairobi Region. Njogu, R.n. 2007/2008 View Details
Improving Slaughter House Wastewater Management: A Case Of The Dagoretti Abattoirs Nthusi, V.k. 2007/2008 View Details
Borehole Water Analysis From Butere Mumias District. Wekullo, C. 2007/2008 View Details
A Case Study On Sodium Hypochloride And Its Use As A Disinfectant. Omuka, J.e.o. 2007/2008 View Details

School of Mathematics

2007/2008 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Relationship Between The Prices Of The Various Components Of The Economy And Inflation A 2007/2008 View Details
Viability Ofj!1flation - Linked Bonds In The Kenyan Fbpital Market Karissa Gloria, Kahaso Njage Nyawira, Anne Wangechi, Margaret Njeri 2007/2008 View Details
Case Study Of Equity Bank Agasa Samuel Magiy A 107/2587/2004 ,njoroge Faith Njeri 107/894112004, Karanja James Gicharu 107/2580/2004 2007/2008 View Details
Time Series Analysis On The Overall And Underlying Inflation Rates In Kenya Over The Past 90 Months (oct 2000-march 2008) Jeniffer .k. Torori And Group 2007/2008 View Details
A Studyin Thefeasibilityof Provision Of Outpatientcare By Nhif Ony Ancha Chrispin Nyaporo And Group 2007/2008 View Details
Disability Situation In Kenya Onyango A. Deurence And Group 2007/2008 View Details
Report On The Attitude Of Urban Residents Towards Tour And Travel Companies Kipkalom Douglas And Group 2007/2008 View Details

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