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2008-2009 Academic Year

School Physical Sciences

Department of Geology

Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Surface Water Pollution In Sosiani River, Uasin Gishu District Kangogo Deflorah J 2008-2009 View Details
An Investigation Of Landslide Risk Areas And Landslide Risk Mitigation Measures In Keiyo District Cheruiyot Charity 2008-2009 View Details
Application Of Electrical Resistivity Tomography And Vertical Electrical Sounding For Hydrogeological Studies In The Baharini Aquifer-nakuru Kenya Bosire Ondieki Vincent 2008-2009 View Details
Changes In Stream Flow Hydraulics Resulting - From Sedimentation And Their Implication On Flooding - Case Study Of Nzoia River Basin Western Kenya Ochieng Erick Wanga 2008-2009 View Details
Effects Of Topography And Geologic Heterogeneities On The Distribution Pattern Of Aquifers In Naivasha Basin Otiende Ambwaya George 2008-2009 View Details
Geochemical Study Of Hydrothermal Fluid In Lake Baringo, Kenya. Mwangi Lawrence G. 2008-2009 View Details
Gravity Measurements From Magadi Area Gichira Joseph Muthii 2008-2009 View Details
Ground Water Distribution And Quality Evaluation In Kwale District, Kenya Katana Christine Nyamvula 2008-2009 View Details
Hydrological Fluctuation Of Water In Lake Naivasha And Its Impact On Water Demand By The Ecosystem In The Area Kubai Rose Kiende 2008-2009 View Details
Investigation Of Fault Effect On Groundwater In Naivasha Aquifer And Mechanism For Concerted Exploration And Utilization Of Water Resources From This Aquifer System Teopistor Jobita Sind 2008-2009 View Details
Relics Of Mozambique Ocean In Eastern Africa Orogen: Evidence From Petrography & Geochronogical, Geochemistry And Thermo-barometric Data Kibet M. Kibet 2008-2009 View Details
Use Of Geographical Information Systems To Determine The Potential For Economic Exploitation Of Rocks In Lukenya Owino Lydia Awuor 2008-2009 View Details
The Rock Geochemistry And Flouride Distribution On Groundwater Resources, Around Lakes Baringo - Bogoria Environs. Rift Valley Kenya Nyambane Nyacheo Paul 2008-2009 View Details
Assessment Of The Mineralogy And Geochemistry Of Coal And Its Suitability For Exploitation In Mui Basin, Kenya Ronoh J. Irene 2008-2009 View Details
Investigation Of Potential Groundwater Pollution In Kisumu City Omiti Ammon Ojwang 2008-2009 View Details
Geological Controls On The Groundwater Geochemistry Of Unconfined Aquifers In Northern Kenya Kipserem Limo Benard 2008-2009 View Details
Impacts Of Soil Degradation On Topography - A Case Study Of Marigat, Baringo District Ngaruiya K. Nahashon 2008-2009 View Details
Application Of Magnetic And Electrical Resistivity Methods In Mapping The Subsurface Fractures Controlling Ground\vater Flow And Distribution Pattern In Kabatini Aquifer, Kenyan Rift Musonye S. Xavier 2008-2009 View Details
Use Of Remotely Sensed Data And Gis In Ground Water Exploration In Matuu Area - Eastern Province, Kenya Wamalwa Ruth 2008-2009 View Details
Subsidence And Landslide Risk Factors In Nakuru Area Wamunyu Abigail W. 2008-2009 View Details
Evaluation Groundwater Using Environmental Isotopes: A Case Study Of Merti Aquifer George Igunza Mulusa 2008-2009 View Details
Impacts Of Climate Change And Variability On Groundwater And Groundwater Fed Ecosystems In Central Rift Region Kenya - A Case Study Of Nakuru Area Amos Benidha Mbithe 2008-2009 View Details
Application Of Geophysical Methods And Geologic Logs In Investigating The Subsurface Responsible For Caving In Of Drill Holes In Olobanita Well-field, Kenya-rift Victor O. Otieno 2008-2009 View Details
Structure Delineation Using Euler's Differential Equation - Kabatini, Nakuru-kenya Odawo Gregory E. A. Onduru 2008-2009 View Details
Geological Control & The Influence Of Surface Water Bodies On The Geochemistry Of Underground Water James Munene Murithii 2008-2009 View Details

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