Campus embarks on digital training to support online classes

Digital technological platforms for teaching, training and conducting meetings will take up the physical classroom and physical meetings as the University pushes to continue its core mandate during the pandemic period of the COVID-19, following closure of the University on March 17, 2020.

Platforms such as google hangouts, google classroom and our own eLearning and eclass will be used during this period to ensure that classes continue. 

With the support of the ICT centre, trainings were launched from Monday 23rd March 2020, where management and academic staff were trained on how to conduct classes using google classrooms, how to set up live meetings using conference platform: google hangouts, and how to use features available on the University's eLearning platform.

Such features on eLearning include sharing of class notes, scheduling assignments, submitting assignments, group discussions and chat features. 

Though the eLearning platform has been in the University for more than a decade now, majority of its users are students who study courses under the Open and Distance Learning. 

Currently, the eLearning is being phased-out, and a more enhanced platform eclass is being introduced to the academic staff and students during this period when online training is being embraced.

Students' trainings in using the various digital platforms is ongoing. However, there are recorded trainings on google classrooms, google hangouts and eLearning all available on this link