Collect, Consolidate, Upload Appropriate Web Content, Role of College Webchampions Established in a Meeting with VC

Chiromo Campus web champions group photo after a meeting with Ag. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mbeche, DVC Academic Affairs, Prof. Ogengo, Director Corporate Affairs and ICTC Management held on December 6, 2019

At least 100 website champions, commonly referred to as web champions, from all Colleges and Campuses at the University of Nairobi met with the Ag. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Isaac Mbeche, in a bid to showcase the website framework, explain the website strategies and demistify the role of the web champions . 

The website champions who have been officially appointed for a period of two years; from November 2019- November 2021 are mandated to sensitize staff and students and mobilize them to provide relevant content for the University websites.

The website is the platform to drive University's visiblity, said Prof. Ogeng'o. "We need to be visible for the right things. This means we need to be visible in the global radar," he emphasized.

The web champions will also provide liaison with ICT Centre with regard to website issues. 

The Vice-Chancellor on the other hand, asked the web champions to use websites as a means to attract students both nationally and internationally, noting that through website updates, the global website ranking will enhance positioning of the University of Nairobi as the top University in the African Content. 

The Vice-Chancellor reiterated that the matter of website should be a permanent agenda in meetings as it is the main platform to share information in the University.