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Dr. Dehayem-massop Alix Publications
19999Rapid Nuclear Forensics Analysis Via Laser Based Microphotonic Techniques Coupled With Chemometrics
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22012Developments In Medical Elementology And Spectral Diagnostics Of Disease Via Chemometrics And Machine Learning Assisted Trace Spectroanalytics And Imaging Towards Applications In Nanomedicine
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32012Laser Induced Break Down Spectro-analysis An D Characterization Of Environmental Matrices Utilizing Multivariate Chemo Metrics
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42010Upper Limits For Undetected Trace Species In The Stratosphere Of Titan
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52008Multispectrum Analysis Of The ϑ4 Band Of CH3CN: Positions, Intensities, Self And N2 Broadening And Pressure-induced Shifts
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62007The 14-22 Micron Absorption Spectrum Of Nitrous Acid Studied By High-resolution Fourier- Transform Spectroscopy: New Analysis Of The Interacting Bands Of Trans-HONO And First Analysis Of The Band Of Cis-HONO
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72006The Case Of The Weak N-Xbond: Ab Initio, Semi-experimental, And Experimental Equilibrium Structures Of XNO (X=H, F, Cl, OH) And FNO2
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82006The Far-infrared Rotational Spectrum Of Nitrous Acid (HONO) And Its Deuterated Species (DONO) Studied By High-resolution Fourier-transform Spectroscopy
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92005The Fundamental Bands Of Trans-and Cis-DONO Studied By High-resolution Fourier-transform Spectroscopy
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