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2014/2015 Academic Year

Centre For Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
T-helper 17 Cells Responses Among Tb/hiv Coinfected Subjects In Nairobi, Kenya. Kamakia Rodah Seleyian 2014/2015 View Details
Polymorphism Analysis Of Plasmodium Falciparum Merozoite Ebl1, Rh4 And Msp-1 Ligands In Kilifi Population, Kenya. Musabyimana Jean Pierre 2014/2015 View Details
Effects Of Human Herpesvirus-7 Infection On Expression Levels Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 On Cd4+ T-cells Among Hiv-1 Highly Exposed Sero-negative Persons In Nairobi, Kenya. Akiso Matrona Mbendo 2014/2015 View Details
Screening And Isolation Of ϒ-hexachlorocyclohexane Degrading Bacteria From Contaminated Soil In Kenya. Irene Njeri Githinji 2014/2015 View Details
Molecular Characterization Of Phytoene Desaturase (crti) Gene From Paracoccus Bogoriensis Kariuki Hellen Wambui 2014/2015 View Details
Characterization Of Coxsackievirus Strains That Circulated Kenya’s Nyanza Province In 2007 Omia Johstone Otieno 2014/2015 View Details
The Genetic Diversity Of The Cbpa Gene In Streptococcus Pneumoniae Sewe Okinyi Steven 2014/2015 View Details
In Silico Exploration Of 3d Structures Of Pfmsp3 And Pfmsp6 Invasion Genes And Their Allelic Differences Pauline Wambui Wangunyu 2014/2015 View Details
Optimisation For Production Of Fish Protein Hydrolysate From Nile Perch (lates Niloticus) By-products Sameer Rohit Jeshbhai Patel 2014/2015 View Details
Nutrient Digestibility And Growth Performance In Pigs Fed Diets Containing Steeped Canola Meal With Or Without Enzyme Supplementation Okumu W. Aluoch 2014/2015 View Details
Proteins Structure Prediction On A Genomic Scale: Application To The African Swine Fever Virus Genome Dickson Bennet Kinyanyi 2014/2015 View Details
Characterization And Determination Of Efficacy Of Local Trichoderma Isolates As A Biocontrol Agent (bca) On Fusarium Wilt On Beans (phaseolus Vulgaris L). Otadoh Jane Akinyi 2014/2015 View Details
Molecular Characterization Of Erythrocyte Receptor Genes, Cr1, Darc And Band 3 Required For Malaria Parasite Invasion. Ogola Christabel Awuor 2014/2015 View Details
Effects Of ẞ-mannanase On Nutrient Utilization And Performance Of Laying Chicken. Kugo Chepchirchir Maureen 2014/2015 View Details
Time Course Rna-seq Diferential Expression Analysis Of Wild Type And Jumonji(atjmjd5) Mutant Of Arabidopsis Thaliana. Evans Sioma Kataka 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (lamp) In Microbiological Water Quality Analysis. Nduta Faith Mwangi 2014/2015 View Details

School Physical Sciences

Department of Chemistry

2014/2015 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Effects Of Sand Harvesting On River-water Quality: Case Study Of Iuuma River, Kivaa Ward, Machakos County. Isika Daniel Kasungi 2014/2015 View Details
Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis Of Total Chlorogenic Acids In Green Coffee Beans Kioko John Mutua 2014/2015 View Details
Indoor Air Pollution: Analysis Of Emissions From Various Cooking Stoves David Ng’ang’a 2014/2015 View Details
Assessment Of Atmospheric Deposition Of Heavy Metals Nutrients And Particulate Matter In Air And Soil Around Chiromo Campus Faith Suter 2014/2015 View Details
Assessment Of Heavy Metals And Nutrients In Dandora Estate Sewerage Treatment Works Mercy Baraza 2014/2015 View Details
Optimization Of Essential Oil Extraction From Eucalyptus Grandis Leaves By Clevenger Distillation Mwabili Gift Kasha 2014/2015 View Details
Testing The Performance Of Doped Copper Photocatalyst In Disinfection Of E. Coli In Drinking Water Violet Awour 2014/2015 View Details
Phytochemical Investigation Of Uvaria Scheffleri Aerial Parts For Antiplasmodial And Antimicrobial Compounds Sulwey Dennis Ogonjo 2014/2015 View Details
Characterization Of Organic Matter In Water Treatment Plants Ouko Allan Robert 2014/2015 View Details
Virtual Screening Of Antiplasmodial Natural Products Using Cadd Against Pfdhodh Michael Mwangi 2014/2015 View Details
Analysis Of Sludge From Municipal Waste Water Treatment Process Njeje Zephania Ochieng Ogutu 2014/2015 View Details
Analysis Of The Quality Of The Yatta Canal Water For Drinking And Irrigation Use John Julius Mutua 2014/2015 View Details
A Comparative Study Of Petroleum Fuels In Nairobi And Mombasa County Mwai Esther Nyawira 2014/2015 View Details
Presence Of Arsenic, Lead And Zinc In The Cleaning Process Of Returnable Glass Bottles And Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of The Chelating Agent Used Francis Mburu Kamau 2014/2015 View Details
Phytochemical Investigation Of Uvaria Scheffleri Roots For Antiplasmodial And Antimicrobial Compounds Ogello Seth Okoth 2014/2015 View Details
Phytochemical Investigation Of Tephrosia Pumila Roots For Anti-pain Principles. Ochieng Kevin Omondi 2014/2015 View Details

Department of Geology

2014/2015 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
The Impact Of Waste Water Injection On Induced Seismicity And Potential Implications In Kenya Ambasa Watson Agenyera 2014/2015 View Details
A Review Of Formation Damage In Petroleum Reservoirs: A Case Study Of Oguendjo Block,gabon And Lokichar Basin, Kenya Angengo Janice Heliana 2014/2015 View Details
Multi-element Analysis Of Soil Extracts Using Inductively Coupled Plasma (icp) And X-ray Fluoresence: A Case Study Of Khayega Area Awiti Cheryl Oballa 2014/2015 View Details
Structure, Evolution And Petroleum Potential Of Muglad Rift Basin, South Sudan Deng Jacob Jok 2014/2015 View Details
The Landslide Hazards Of Mt.elgon Benjamin Atieno Opiyo 2014/2015 View Details
The Dynamics Of Landslides In Kenya And The Conceptualisation Of A Landslide Early System Dennis Njenga Kamanga 2014/2015 View Details
Mitigation, Management And Flood Control In Nairobi Derrick Michieka Nchore 2014/2015 View Details
Fault Seal Analysis And Prediction: Reducing Uncertainties Associated With Faults In Hydrocarbon Basin Francis Njuki Mwangi 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of Steam Injections And Microseismicity In The Exploration Of Oil: Successes And Challenges Kamau Diana Wambui 2014/2015 View Details
Economic Potential Of Methane Gas In Olkaria’s North East And East Geothermal Fields Karen. N. Masila 2014/2015 View Details
Characteristics Of Earthquakes Located In The Magadi Area, Kenya. Kibos Kevin Kiplagat 2014/2015 View Details
Corals As An Environmental Change Indicator Komboh Caroline Kerubo 2014/2015 View Details
Cation Exchange Capabilities Of Natural Zeolites In The Remediation Of River Kirichwa Malidzo Joshua C. 2014/2015 View Details
Integration Of Silicon Chips Into Rock And Mineral Identification Processes Mjomba Peter Kefa 2014/2015 View Details
Potential For Carbon Dioxide Geosequestration In Kenya: A Suitability Analysis Of The Lamu Basin Mnyika Godwin Mzumbi 2014/2015 View Details
Comparison Between Sapphire Deposits In Kenya, Madagascar And Tanzania; A Case Study Of Dusi Mine, Andranondambo Mine, And Tunduru Mine Mung’atia Grace Mwende 2014/2015 View Details
Effects Of Geothermal Drilling On The Chemistry Of Ground Water: Case Study The South Rift System In Kenya: Olkaria Geothermal Fields Nzioka Joy Mutheu 2014/2015 View Details
Groundwater Potential Of Gwasi Area Odhiambo Dave 2014/2015 View Details
Nairobi Groundwater: Aquifer Recharge And Discharge Rate Ombewa George Gudah 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of Gis In Oil And Gas Exploration: Play Analysis Using Gis Techniques In Block L2 In Lamu Basin Otieno Kennedy Tom 2014/2015 View Details
Effects Of Sedimentation On Water Quality Within Winam-gulf Otieno Walter Obuya 2014/2015 View Details
The Self-hardening Property Of Laterites Otuoma Geoffrey Kennedy 2014/2015 View Details
Implications Of Shear Zones On Natural Resource Mapping Paul Everlyn Mutheu 2014/2015 View Details
Drilling And Production Induced Instability Of Hyddrocarbon Formations Shariff Naima Awo 2014/2015 View Details
Manganese Mineralisation In Metamorphic Terrains: Case Study Nguuni Area, Makueni County Songa Mercy Atieno 2014/2015 View Details
Sitation Of A Geological Nuclear Repository Of The Proposed Kenya Nuclear Power Plant (npp) Kevin Namasaka Wanjala 2014/2015 View Details
Evaluation Of The Groundwater Potential In Isinya Area, Isinya District Of Kajiado County Isah Oteba Said 2014/2015 View Details
The Plio-pleistocene History Of Sedimentation In Lake Baringo Basin, Kenya - A Drill Core Perspective Njagi Dennis Muriithi 2014/2015 View Details

Department of Meteorology

2014/2015 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
The Role Of Boundary Between The Easterlies And Westerlies Of Midlatitude To Rainfall Prediction Over Tanzania Masigani Godbless John 2014/2015 View Details
Identification Of Rainfall Regimes Over Western Kenya Weyusia Francis Boniface 2014/2015 View Details
The Relationship Between The Major Climate Monitoring Indices And Their Connection With Rainfall In Southern Part Of Tanzania Kitero Beatrice Staford 2014/2015 View Details
Adaptation Strategies Against Impacts Of Climate Change By Sengwer Indegenous People Of Kapcherop Through Domestic Gravity Water Supply And Bee Keeping Commercialization Aketch Elisha 2014/2015 View Details

School of Computing and Informatics

2014/2015 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Application Of The Utaut Model To Understand The Factors Influencing The Use Of Web 2.0 Tools In E-learning In Kenyan Public Universitites Gitau Miriam Wambui 2014/2015 View Details
Enhancing Location Awareness Of Meter Reader Using Mobile Gps In A Mobile Meter Reading Application Chepkwony Rasto Kipngenoh 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of The Design-reality Gap Model To Enhance High Availability Of Systems For Health Care Providers In Nairobi Chege Solomon Munene 2014/2015 View Details
Comparative Evaluation On The Effectiveness Of Digital Forensic Tools Used In Kenya Cheboi Jackson Kirui 2014/2015 View Details
Automated Greenhouse System Using Wireless Sensor Network Ayub Mercy Gori 2014/2015 View Details
Cloud Computing Adoption In Insurance Companies In Kenya Akhusama Pastor Meshack 2014/2015 View Details
Sms Based System To Provide Cattle Health Care Information In Mandera County Abdifatah Mohamed Abdullahi 2014/2015 View Details
Handyman Services System Wanyonyi Brenchley Joshua 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of The Balanced Scorecard Framework In Performance Measurement Of E-government Service: Case Of Kenya Revenue Authority Akinyi Grace Leah 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of The Balanced Scorecard Framework In Performance Measurement Of E-government Service: Case Of Kenya Revenue Authority Araka Eric 2014/2015 View Details
Implementation Framework For Information Systems Policy For Fraud Control In Credit Unions Oronje Samuel Lubanga 2014/2015 View Details
Adoption Of Cloud Computing In Medium And High Tech Industries In Kenya Wanjiku Pauline Wambui 2014/2015 View Details
Information And Communication Technology Talent Management Alignment With Outsourcing: Case Of Kenya Power Ngugi M. N. 2014/2015 View Details
An Evaluation Framework For Ict Management Framework Selection In Kenyan Organization Cherono Winnie 2014/2015 View Details
A Migration Framework To Database As A Service For Universities: A Case Of A Kenyan University Gachanja Lydiah Wairimu 2014/2015 View Details
Rural Community Health And Nutrition Managent System Abdulrahim Nabihah Rishad 2014/2015 View Details
A Traceability System For Contracted Outgrower Schemes: The Case Of French Bean Smallholder Farmers In Kirinyaga County Imenje Stephen Ebichondo 2014/2015 View Details
Mchanjo:sms-based Vaccine Information And Reporting App Baraza Ian Brayoni 2014/2015 View Details
Framework For Evaluating Ict Adoption And Usage In Higher Institutions Of Learning In Somalia: A Case Of Mogadishu University Management System (mums Jama Taqal Abass 2014/2015 View Details
A Scale For Monitoring Servers, Server Rooms And Devices Using A Multi-agent Approach Kahuthia Peter Karanja 2014/2015 View Details
Outsourcing It Services Framework For Internet Service Providers In Kenya Kimani Mercy Wairimu 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of A Management Information System In Management Of Malnutrition Programs, A Case Study Of Refugee Children Living In Kenya Kariuki Winfred Wambui 2014/2015 View Details
A Framework For Enforcing The National Ict Policy In Kenya Government Kiveli Daniel M. 2014/2015 View Details
Modeling Uptake Of Mobile Payments By Msmes In Kenya Maari Dennis Ndege 2014/2015 View Details
Towards Secure, Efficient And Effective Script Management System: A Case Study Of The Kenya National Examination Council Makenzi Thomas Masila 2014/2015 View Details
Adoption Of Mobile Banking Services By Nairobi County Saccos Mburu Timothy Gikandi 2014/2015 View Details
A Hybrid Algorithm For Detecting Web-based Application Vulnerabilities Muiruri Chris Karumba 2014/2015 View Details
A Hybrid Algorithm For Detecting Web-based Application Vulnerabilities Muiruri Chris Karumba 2014/2015 View Details
Assessing Cloud Readiness: A Case Of Nairobi County Government Mule Josphine Kalekye 2014/2015 View Details
Examining The Relationship Between Ict Governance Drivers And Effective Ict Governance At The University Of Rwanda Ndushabandi Nkurunziza Jean Bosco 2014/2015 View Details
Implementing Of Open Education Resources At The Uon: A Case Of Innovation Studies Course Ochukut Selina Atwani 2014/2015 View Details
The Impact Of Use Of Ict In Secondary Schools On Future Employability In Kenya Okwuosa Emmanuel Olisa 2014/2015 View Details
A Comparative Study Of Decision Tree And Naïve Bayesian Classifiers On Verbal Autopsy Datasets Ondege Gordon Ouma 2014/2015 View Details
Smartphones In Agricultural Research Monitoring And Evaluation: Case For Sweet Potato Vines Distribution Wanjohi Luka Mwangi 2014/2015 View Details
The Gratifications Sought Fro Social Media By Kenyan Users And Leverages For Local Icts Development Warwimbo Joseph Karuma 2014/2015 View Details
Parking Management And Mapping System Based On Wsn In Nairobi Waweru Patrick Wachira 2014/2015 View Details
The Effects Of Cyber-crime On E-commerce; A Model For Smes In Kenya Wekundah Ruth Nangeche 2014/2015 View Details
A Trust Based Reputation Model For Secure Multi Agent Communication In Open Environment Gikunda Patrick Kinyua 2014/2015 View Details
A Trust Based Reputation Model For Secure Multi Agent Communication In Open Environment Gikunda Patrick Kinyua 2014/2015 View Details
Smart White Cane For The Blind Bosire Christopher Moturi 2014/2015 View Details
Investengine: Simulator Platform For The Nairobi Stock Exchange Chege Samson Njogu 2014/2015 View Details
Outfit Selection Expert System Comley Lina Karimi 2014/2015 View Details
Digital Lands: A Case For Digitization And Buying Of Folio Maps Igoki Jane Kathambi 2014/2015 View Details
Digital Lands: A Case For Digitization And Buying Of Folio Maps Igoki Jane Kathambi 2014/2015 View Details
Forexast: Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates Using Artificial Neural Networks Kagiri Paul Muriithi 2014/2015 View Details
On The Spot Matatu Police Interaction Redister Kameru Hempstone 2014/2015 View Details
Automated Greenhouse Monitoring System (temperature And Humidity Control) Kang’alia Isaac Nyamu 2014/2015 View Details
Msafiri: The Ultimate Travel App.android Developed Value Addition App To Your Tourism Activities In Kilifi County. Kashero L. Deche 2014/2015 View Details
Mafutakenya Kaunda Frederick 2014/2015 View Details
Ngapi Gari: [matatu Fare And Route Inquiry Application] Kiano Julius Gikonyo 2014/2015 View Details
Bluetooth Child Monitor App Kimwaki Arwin Mbugua 2014/2015 View Details
Utilization Of Arduino/gps/gprd For Fleet Revenue Managent Kimwe Loise Nyambura 2014/2015 View Details
Afyacomm: Mobile Enabled Data Capture For Community Health Volunteers Ogolla Brian 2014/2015 View Details
Yaya911 Nyotu Olive Mugeri 2014/2015 View Details
Patient Personel Medical Assistant Mwangi Joseph Kimani 2014/2015 View Details
Rfid Based Medical Care Muli Assumpta Munanie 2014/2015 View Details
English Learning Assistant Application Mubangi Rose G. 2014/2015 View Details
Iprocure Informed Procurement Mesongo Collins Sibuti 2014/2015 View Details
Smartac- A Cloud-mobile Accounting System For Smes In Kenya Mbaluka Daniel Mutiso 2014/2015 View Details
Speedly – Black Spot & Speed Alerts Malande Huston 2014/2015 View Details
Rentals Agent Management Information System (ramis) Maina Eric Wahome 2014/2015 View Details
A College Based Knowledge Management System Limisi Andrew 2014/2015 View Details
Oncology Informatics And Bio-computing System (oibs) Kioko Benedict Nzioka 2014/2015 View Details
Cloud-based Construction Project Managent Platform Wekesa Victor 2014/2015 View Details
Social Media Insights Miner Wanjala John W. 2014/2015 View Details
Race Math: Application For Teaching Children Addition & Subtraction Using An Interaction Game Mobile Phones Are A Widespread Platform For Ict Applications Because Of Their High Penetration In Contemporary Thuo Dennis Njehu 2014/2015 View Details
Career Decision Supportsystem Sitati Enock M. 2014/2015 View Details
Easy Route Ruto Martin Kiprotic 2014/2015 View Details
Real Time Bidding Ad Exchange Ouma Derick Onyango 2014/2015 View Details
Mobile-based Remote Health Monitoring System Osebe Samuel Mogaka 2014/2015 View Details
Mobile Phone Supported Water Dispensing System For The Rural Population P15/39826/2011 2014/2015 View Details
Sacco Web-based Management Information System (a Case Study Of Kisumu Teachers Sacco Oketch Linda Aduol 2014/2015 View Details
Multi-agent Basd Risk Management Platform For Small And Micro-enterprise Businesses In Kenya Simbi Raymond 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of Extented Technology Acceptance Model In Predicting E-procurement Utilization In Independent Commissions In Kenya Sang Chepkoech Joyce 2014/2015 View Details
User-centric Evaluation Of Government Of Kenya Online Services: The Case Of Itax Owigar Judith A.a. 2014/2015 View Details
Clustering And Visualizing The Status Of Child Health In Kenya: A Data Mining Approach Njiru Nicholas Muriuki 2014/2015 View Details
A Comparative Study Of Minutiae Based Fingerprint Matching Algorithms Njeru Silas Kivuti 2014/2015 View Details
A Multi-agent Based Counter Terrorism System Through Anti-money Laundering Koech Charles 2014/2015 View Details
Density-based Cluster Analysis Of Fire Hot Sports In Kenya’s Wildlife Protected Areas Karanja Stephen Kamau 2014/2015 View Details
K.i.c.d Broadcasts Transcriber For Deaf Students Irungu Patrick 2014/2015 View Details

School of Mathematics

2014/2015 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Application To The Nse-20 Share Index Ndung’u W. Paul,carolilian Mwangi , Ndung’u Josphat Ruhiu, Ouma Kennedy Ochieng’ Okumu, Ouma Kennedy 2014/2015 View Details
Comparison Of Different Models In Pricing Of Micro Insurance Products For Boda-boda Operators Io7/1085/2011 Io7/1018/2010 Io7/1080/2011 Io7/40363/2011 , Io7/1088/2011 2014/2015 View Details
Valuing Mortgage Insurance Contracts Using An Option Based Model Tarus Brian Kiprono,kimani James Muturi,langat Timothy Kiprotich,kithyoma Jonathan Makau,mwanzia Dennis Muthama 2014/2015 View Details
Modeling Determinants Of Household Lpg Consumption Using 2008 Demographic And Household Survey Data Okello Reagan Ochieng Aloka , Woresha Ruth Wanagare, Robert Ouko O Kusa ,doreen Kathambi,rosalia Kwamboka Nyamongo 2014/2015 View Details
A Pricing Model For Tea Derivatives In Kenya Patrick Mumu,kimiri Alex Daniel,dahir Ali Abdikadir,munene Jane Wanjiku 2014/2015 View Details
Effects Of Exports And Imports On The Gross Domestic Product Of Kenya An Empirical Analysis. Uthasyoserahnthemba,ahmed Fatuma Mahmoud ,kamatei Phylis Chebet,nyenji Edna Wanjiku, Muoki Stephen Mwendwa 2014/2015 View Details
Application To The Nse-20 Share Index Ndung’u W. Paul,carolilian Mwangi , Ndung’u Josphat Ruhiu, Ouma Kennedy Ochieng’ Okumu, Ouma Kennedy 2014/2015 View Details
Investigating Factors Affecting Rate Of Violent Crime In Kenya Using Multiple Linear Regression Thomas Omyonga 2014/2015 View Details
Modeling Malaria Prevalence In Africa: A Linear Mixed Effects Analysis Accounting For Missing Data Walter Kiprop Cheruiyot Sirma 2014/2015 View Details
Appraisal Of Credit Applicant Using Logistic And Linear Discriminant Models With Principal Component Analysis Christopher Wanyonyi Kiveu 2014/2015 View Details
Modelling Economic Determinants Of Youth Unemployment In Kenya Shem O. Sam 2014/2015 View Details
Modeling And Projection Of Hiv/aids Epidemics In Ethiopia Using Arima Demissew Tsigemelak Gebreyohannes 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of Linear Mixed Effects Model On Hierarchical Data (kcpe Examination Scores) Polycarp Omondi Otieno 2014/2015 View Details
The Renewal Of Medical Insurance Under Limited Credibility Among Non Salaried Individuals In Kenya Patrick Maina Mwangi 2014/2015 View Details
Forecasting Malaria Case Admissions In Three Kenyan Health Facilities Josephine Kalunde Malinga 2014/2015 View Details
Spatial Modelling Of Tb Prevalence In Kenya Using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation (inla) Njeri Nzomo 2014/2015 View Details
Modelling The Growth Of Pension Funds Using Generalized Linear Model (gamma Regression) Johnstone Akwimbi 2014/2015 View Details
Laplace Transform In Probability Distributions And In Pure Birth Processes Zakayo Ndiku Morris 2014/2015 View Details
Modeling Conversion Of Television Advertisement For Fast Moving Consumer Goods (fmcg) – (viewer-to-buyer Conversion) Wambui Samuel Kamande 2014/2015 View Details
Mathematical Modelling Of Hiv And Malaria Co-infection Dynamics Amwata Laura Miriam 2014/2015 View Details
Medical Tourism In The Eyes Of Insurance Companies James Turana Kukuni,david Anyango Halonda, Wanza Mutuku ,james Mereu , Nobert Kipkosgei 2014/2015 View Details
Modelling Daily Peak Electricity Demand In Nairobi Sakong Brenda Jepchirchir 2014/2015 View Details
Forecasting Mortality Rates And Modelling Longevity Risk Using Lee Carter Model Naomi Wairimu Ngugi 2014/2015 View Details
Cointegration Of Agricultural Food Prices In Nairobi County Samuel Gakubia Njuguna 2014/2015 View Details
Determination Of The Risk Of Malaria Using Different Models For Mosquito Biting And Mortality Rates Ongowe Fredrick Odhiambo 2014/2015 View Details
Modeling Lapse Risk Using Cointegration And Error Correction Approach David Oduor Keya 2014/2015 View Details
On Reducibility And Quasireducibility Of Operators In Hilbert Spaces Rose Kemunto Masisa 2014/2015 View Details
Community Funded Security Insurance Perpetual Mwaura,sharon Orina Amayi,joy Mary Muthengi,penora Buyaki,juma John Nazaro 2014/2015 View Details
Using The Cooperatives Sector As A Vehicle For Expanding Life Insurance Business In Kenya Modlels For Sacco Group Life Risk Valuation Simon Karuma Chege,david Kagia Wachira 2014/2015 View Details
Stock Option Pricing In Kenya With Uncertain Volatility And Transaction Costs Were James Emirundu , Thadeus Omondi Mwalo. Keter Erick Kiprop, Gift Mkomba Mwandawiro 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of The Black-scholes Model In Valuing Health Insurance Products 2014/2015 View Details

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