Scholarship for 100 African Scientists Doctoral Training in Applied Sciences, Engineering, Technology

Looking for a PhD scholarship in the field of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology?

These are the thematic areas identified by PASET (Patnership for skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology), of which (RSIF) Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund is a flagship programme. 

What you need to know about obtaining data bundles

Students will be issued with Telkom lines loaded with data. 

However, prior to the students going to collect the lines from the different Telkom outlets in their various counties, they need to ensure that they have updated their contact details on the student portal. 

It is important to note that students will be alerted by the Telkom outlet, using the contact detail submitted on the student portal, when their Telkom SIM card is ready. 

Students should not go to Telkom outlets to pick Telkom SIM cards, until they are alerted.